Vía de la Plata accommodation in spring 2021

The status of albergues below was last updated in May 2021.

In many places alternative accommodations (hotels, guest houses, etc.) are open. The best place to check and reserve is on booking.com, you can link to booking.com directly from our online guide.

Some albergues are pointing out that the number of beds available depends on if people are in "groups". ie. A family of four who live together can sleep in a room of four beds whereas if the beds were rented to pilgrims who do not constitute a "group" then only two of the beds could be rented. Exactly how this will be managed remains to be seen.


It is obligatory to register your arrival in Galicia if you are not a Galician resident and if you have recently been in a high risk area. Tap here for the details.

Xunta Albergues in Galicia are expected to reopened during 2021 (however, probably not all of them). They have abandoned the reservations system they were using in 2020 and have reverted to the old system of no reservations.

The author cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or information which has changed since it was posted here.

If you have any information you'd like to share with other pilgrims send it to us and we'll publish it here and include it in the next edition of the guide

Frequently Asked Questions

For background information and infromation about Covid-19 restrictions please see Frequently Asked Questions about walking the Vía de la Plata.

Accommodation updates

Sevilla / Seville
Hotel Simón - Closed. They hope to open before the end of 2021.
Triana Backpackers - Closed, no opening date. Their bike rental service is operating normally.
Many other hostels and hotels are operating normally in Seville. Please see Booking.com

Albergue Municipal - Closed, no opening date.
Albergue Luz del Camino - Open, 23 beds.

Castilblanco de los Arroyos
Municipal: Closed. No opening date.
Casa Salvador: Open.

Almadén de la Plata
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.
Casa Clara: Closed. Will not reopen.
La Casa del Raloj: Closed. No opening date.
Casa Concha: Open.

El Real de la Jara
Alojamiento Molina: Hopefully September.
Alojamiento del Peregrino: Open. 10 beds.
El Realejo: No answer
La Encina: Open.
Compleja Leo: Open

Albergue Las Moreras: No answer.
Albergue Parroquial de Monesterio: No answer.
Hotel Moya: Open.
Hotel Leo: Open.
(The lockdown in Monesterio is finished)

Fuente de Cantos
El Zaguan de la Plata: Open. Only renting to groups of 2 or more with reservation.
La Fábrica: Open.

Albergue Convento San Francisco: Open, 17 beds.
Albergue de la Asociación de Amigos del Camino / Van Gogh: Closed.

Los Santos de Maimona
Albergue Turístico: Closed.

La Almazara
Albergue Turístico La Almazara: Open. 7 double rooms.

Villafranca de los Barros
From 25 July Villafranca is closed due to high levels of Covid infection. You cannot enter or leave without a valid reason.

Albergue Extrenatura: Open
Albergue El Carmen: Closed, will not reopen.
Albergue Las Caballeras: Closed. No opening date.

Albergue Rojo Plata: Open. 26 beds.

Molino de Pan Caliente: Closed. No opening date.

El Carrascalejo
Municipal hostel: Open. 24 beds.

Albergue San Andrés: Open. 20 beds.

Albergue Turístico Los Olivos: Closed. No opening date.
Los Esclavos de Maria y los Pobres: Closed. No opening date.

Aldea del Cano
Miliario del Verdinal: Open.

Albergue Municipal: Closed, no opening date. Pensión Conchi: Closed.

Las Veletas: Open.
Albergue Municipal Ciudad de Cáceres: No answer, they were closed in 2020.

Casar de Cáceres
Municipal hostel: Closed, no opening date.

Embalse de Alcántara
Embalse de Alcántara: Will open in July. 25 beds.

Hostel Cañaveral: Open.

Grimaldo (turnoff for)
Municipal hostel: Closed, no opening date.
Posado de Grimaldo: Open

Ríolobos (turnoff for)
Camping Las Catalinas: Open.

San Gil (turnoff for)
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

Albergue Turístico de Galisteo: Open.

Albergue de Peregrinos Señora Elena: Open.
Albergue Majalavara: Closed. Renovations in progress.
Hostal Asturias: Open
Hostal Avion: Open

Aldeanueva del Camino
La Casa de mi Abuela: Open
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

Baños de Montemayor
Albergue Turístico: Open.

Puente de Béjar
Donativo: No answer. They were closed in 2020.

Calzada de Béjar
Alba y Soraya: Open. 28 beds and private rooms.

Valverde de Valdelacasa
Albergue Santiago Apóstol: open. 7 beds in dorm, 2 single rooms.
Albergue Nenúfar: Open. They also have a house to rent in Salamanca if you want to stay more than one day.

Fuenterroble de Salvatierra
Albergue Paroquial: Open.

Pedrosillo de los Aires
Donativo: Open, 10 beds, kitchen, please call to reserve.

San Pedro de Rozados
Albergue Mutatio Elena: Closed, may not reopen.
Albergue Mari Carmen: Closed. Will open when there are more pilgrims.

Municipal hostel: Open, 24 beds.

Casa la Calera: Open from 1 July.

Calzada de Valdunciel
Albergue La Casa del Molinero: Open.
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

Albergue Casa Saso: No answer. They were closed in 2020.

El Cubo de Tierra del Vino
Albergue F y M: Closed. No opening date.
Albergue Torre de Sabre: Open. 20 beds.

Villanueva de Campeán
Albergue Vía de la Plata: Open.
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

Municipal hostel: Open.

Municipal hostel: Number disconnected. They were closed in 2020. The Coviran supermarket is closed due to a Covid outbreak (20 Jly 2021).

Fontanillas de Castro
Albergue Castroterafe: Closed. Zamoran friends albergues will remain closed for now.

Riego del Camino
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date. Casa Camino is closed and is currently on the market.

Granja de Moreruela
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date. NEW: guest house on the main road in Granja, Donde Victor Luna, singles 35€, tel 665 874 773 Reported to be fabulous!

Faramontanos de Tábara
Acogida La Casa Azul y Amarilla: No answer. They were closed in 2020.

Municipal hostel: Closed. Renovations ongoing so should be reopening at some stage.
Albergue El Roble: Open. Private rooms only.

Villanueva de las Peras
Albergue La Alameda: No answer.

Santa Marta de Tera
Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

Calzadilla de Tera
Municipal hostel: No answer. They were closed in 2020.

Olleros de Tera
Albergue La Trucha: Closed. No opening date.

Villar de Farfón
Albergue Rehoboth: Open. 4 beds. Evening meal.

Rionegro del Puente
Albergue de Peregrinos Virgen de la Carballeda: Open, reservation only, contact Me Gusta Comer, 645 458 883.

Albergue Municipal: Closed. No opening date.

Azul Sanabria: Open. Two houses, one with 6 beds and one with 3.

Nuestra Señora de la Asunción: Open from 1 July. 6€.

Puebla de Sanabria
Albergue Casa Luz: Closed. May open in June.

Requejo de Sanabria
Albergue Casa Cerviño: Open.
Municipal hostel: Closed. The number in the guide is no longer valid.

Municipal hostel: Closed. No opening date.

A Gudiña
Xunta hostel: Open, 30% occupancy.

Albergue de Rosario: Closed. No opening date.

Xunta hostel: Open.

Albergue El Rincón del Peregrino: Due to open week of 24 May.

Vilar de Barrio
Xunta hostel: Open.

Xunqueira de Ambía
Albergue Turístico Casa Tomás: Open. 9 beds, operating now as a guest house. Doubles 36€, single 30€.
Xunta hostel: Closed.

Ourense / Orense
Grelo Hostel: Open. 15 beds (but this can change)
Albergue de peregrinos de Ourense: Closed.
Albergue Augas Quentes: Open. 36 beds.

Xunta hostel: Open, 10 beds.

Refugio del Monasterio de Oseira: No answer. They were closed in 2020.

Castro Dozón
Xunta hostel: Closed. No opening date.

A Laxe / Bendoiro
Xunta hostel: Closed.

El Gran Albergue del Peregrino: Closed.
Albergue Turístico Silleda: Open. About 20 beds.
Albergue Santa Olaia: No answer
Albergue Turístico Trasfontao: WT Open. Double rooms, they are not an albergue any more.

Xunta hostel: Closed.

Casa Leiras: Open. 12 beds.

Ponte Ulla
Albergue O Cruceiro: Open. Restaurant and bar closed.

Xunta hostel: Closed.

A Susana
Albergue Reina Lupa: Open. Only private rooms.

Santiago de Compostela
Many hotels, guest houses and albergues in Santiago are operating. See Booking.com

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