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The full Walking Guide to the Vía de la Plata has the following:

  • A comprehensive guide to pilgrim accommodation
  • Information about facilities such as shops, cafés and restaurants
  • Urban maps of towns and cities and detailed maps of the Vía in rural areas
  • Route descriptions focusing on places where confusion is possible
  • Information about historic sites along the Camino's route
  • Recomendations of great places to eat

If you'd like to see what it looks like you can download a samples from here the first 20 pages of the Walking Guide to the Vía de la plata

You can get the full guide as a PDF document to download by making a donation to this website (see the bottom of this page).

For your donation you'll also get a PDF copy of our definitive guide to preparing for the Camino. It's got loads of information about:

  • Packing: what to bring and (all importantly) what not to bring
  • Health and safety: how to avoid, or if necessary, deal with blisters, bedbugs, heatstroke and other hazards
  • What to expect on “the Way”: What's a typical Camino day?
  • Communicating: with useful words and phrases in Spanish?
  • History of the Camino and of Spain: what was the Camino like in the middle ages?

To download a sample of our comprehensive guide to preparing for the Camino, just click here!

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